Express Reimbursement for the Travel & Entertainment Card

The UCLA Travel & Entertainment (T & E) Card interfaces with the Express Reimbursement System, providing several benefits to travelers: 

  • Cardholders can import transactions directly into expense reports. 
  • Travel & Entertainment card charges submitted through the Express system are paid directly to U.S. Bank, eliminating these out of pocket expenses for the traveler.
  • Some travel-related expenses, such as hotel deposits and conference registration, can be reimbursed in advance if they are purchased using the Travel and Entertainment Card and processed through Express.

T & E Card transactions must be imported into the expense report. Most of the transaction details are included but in some cases additional information must be added to the line item. For example, hotel bills musts be itemized by the preparer and Full Accounting Unit (FAU) information must be entered in order to complete the line item and submit the expense report. See the Express Online Training Course for specific instructions.