Express Receipt Imaging

How to Attach Receipts

Travel and Entertainment reimbursements require receipts and other supporting documentation. This documentation is attached to the expense report in Express utilizing a standard fax machine. Express uses a unique bar code specific to each expense report number to identify the faxed pages. The entire faxed transmission will then be attached to that particular expense report. The steps in this process are as follows:

  1. Documentation is faxed to a designated number which is routed into a computer imaging system. 
  2. The imaging system creates a PDF file of the faxed transmission.
  3.  Based on the bar-coded fax cover sheet, the imaging system attaches that PDF to the specific expense report.

The PDF is available for immediate viewing upon successful attachment. The imaging system has to be able to read the bar-code in order to attach the fax transmission to the correct expense report.

What can impede or interfere with attachment?

  • Poor print quality of bar-coded fax cover sheet.
  • Poor fax transmission quality of bar-coded cover sheet.
  • Bar codes on other receipts.