Updated On August 10, 2018 - 10:16am

UC Travel Center Procedures During UCPath Data Conversion

On September 1, 2018, UCLA and UCSB will begin their transition to UCPath. During this transition, the UC Travel Center will experience some black-out periods, which will affect new employees and their access to the Pre-Trip Authorization (PTA) system. Instructions are provided below in case you are required to book airline tickets for new employees during the black-out periods.

Who’s Impacted:New employees
Which Campus: UCLA and UCSB
When: 09/01/18 – 09/05/18 – Monthly Paid Employees
 09/14/18 – 09/18/18 – Bi-Weekly Paid Employees

To request a direct billed reservation for a new employee or an employee who does not have a profile with the UC Travel Center, please call (310) 206-2639 or email travel@finance.ucla.edu, and a Corporate Agent will contact you during business hours.

UCLA: During the black-out periods, direct billed airfare booking for new employees or employees who do not have a profile with the UC Travel Center can only be booked through the UC Travel Center. You will not be able to book through the CONNEXXUS Portal unless you use a personal credit card. Reimbursement for the airfare will be issued after the trip has been completed.

UC Santa Barbara: If no Tracking Number is available, the UC Travel Center will accept your U.S. Bank Travel and Entertainment credit card.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Diana Rapista, Manager for UC Travel Center.