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Cash Advances


Cash advances are available on an exception basis. They only apply to UCLA employees and are issued via the Concur system no more than 7 days before the trip. Review the Lifecycle of a Cash Advance web page for additional information. 

NOTE: T&E card cash withdrawals are not considered a cash advance and do not require exceptional approval. Learn more on the T&E Card Cash Withdrawals web page. 


Travel Accounting may grant a cash advance if: 

  • The traveler(s) will be on travel status for more than 30 consecutive days
  • The travel requires special handling (e.g., group travel for UCLA Athletics or UCLA student groups)
  • The trip involves international travel to remote areas where standard banking and credit card transactions are not available

Before requesting a cash advance, review the list of Approved Business Expenses for Cash Advances

Request Process

Not all employees have access to Concur’s cash advance request functionality. If a traveler needs to be granted access, the trip’s projected expenses must first be submitted to Travel Accounting via a Concur exception request. For complete instructions, review the How to Obtain Cash Advance Access knowledge article and How to Submit a Cash Advance Request training guide. 

NOTE: Access provisioning does not guarantee the request will be approved. 


The cash advance recipient is responsible for overseeing the reconciliation of their cash advance. Review the How to Reconcile a Cash Advance and How to Return an Unused Cash Advance training guides for details.