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T & E Card Coverage & Use

The Travel & Entertainment (T & E) card covers almost all business travel-related expenses, including lodging, food and transportation. (We recommend that airline reservations be handled through the UCLA Direct Billing System to avoid the need for requesting reimbursement. Direct-billed charges do not appear on the T & E Card statement; they are charged directly to the University ledger account you specify when making the purchase through a PAC order.) UCLA employees are expected to use the T & E Card and related ATM cash withdrawals only for travel and entertainment expenses that are related to University business and reimbursable under University policies.

The T & E Card is accepted worldwide and allows access to over 300,000 ATMs. It interfaces with the UCLA web-based expense management system, Express, eliminating the need for paper vouchers and speeding up the reimbursement process.

Note: Cash advances obtained through ATMs carry a 2.5% fee with a minimum of $2.

Obtaining a Travel & Entertainment Card

If you incur travel or entertainment expenses during the conduct of your business, you are eligible to obtain a T & E Card. You can submit a request for a new T & E Card through Express