T & E Card Disputes & Problem Resolution

Refer to the following resources as indicated for each situation below. Contact information is also provided for more general questions concerning the U.S. Bank Travel and Entertainment Card.

How to Dispute a Charge on a T & E Card Statement

Complete instructions for disputing charges appear on the back of your monthly statement. It is important to review your bill each month and to promptly notify U.S. Bank if you see a charge you do not recognize. 

U.S. Bank must hear from you no later than 60 days from the original statement date on which the charge in question appeared. Be sure to keep a record of all discussions, including the name of the U.S. Bank Customer Service Representative.

After U.S. Bank has received notification of your dispute, the amount in question will be temporarily suspended. While U.S. Bank is investigating this charge, you are not required to pay the amount of that charge; however, you are obligated to pay the entire balance of the charges that are not in question.

What to Do if Your T & E Card Is Lost or Stolen

Immediately call U.S. Bank Customer Service at (800) 344-5696. A report will be filed and a new card with a new account number will be issued.

What to Do if Your T & E Card Fails to Receive Authorization for a Charge

Although this should be an infrequent occurrence, it is possible that a charge you are attempting to make to certain types of retail merchants could fail to receive immediate authorization. If a retail (not travel or entertainment related) merchant fails to receive an authorization for a charge, he may decline the transaction. However, the merchant may obtain a verbal authorization by contacting U.S. Bank Customer Service. The Customer Service representative will review the status of the account and if the account meets the approval criteria, the verbal authorization will be provided.

Whom to Call With Questions about Your T & E Card

When calling either U.S. Bank Customer Service or the UCLA T & E Card Program Administrator, have your account number and security code ready.

Point of Contact Type of Question
UCLA T&E Card Administrator New applications and other inquiries about the U.S. Bank Travel & Entertainment Card
U.S. Bank Customer Service
Phone: (800) 344-5696
  • Lost or stolen cards
  • Billing or payment inquiries
  • PIN or ATM questions