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UCLA Travel Guidelines

Access to the new UCLA Travel Guidelines issued by the Chancellor’s Office.

Recently, a set of guidelines for business travel and entertainment was sent to UCLA Deans and Executives after we received a number of requests from our faculty and staff for additional guidance on travel policies and expenses.  We now want to make sure that all departments have access to these guidelines.  While these guidelines do not reflect changes to the University’s existing policies, they do provide guidance, based on our existing policies, to those who travel regularly. The guidelines are an effort to more effectively communicate and clarify already existing policies in plain language and provide users with travel tips that can make it easier for them to seek appropriate reimbursements.  In addition, the guidelines formalize and put into writing practices that had already existed on campus (i.e. expenses that require justification should provide an appropriate amount of detail). While travel policies certainly do change from time to time, reflecting economic factors and IRS requirements, these new guidelines are not meant to be thought of as changes to policy.

Please see the guidelines by clicking the link under Related Information.

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Travel Guidelines (PDF)