Per Diem Expenses

Per diem refers to payment in lieu of reimbursement for actual subsistence expenses for travelers on University business. It is provided only for travel outside of the continental United States or for travel lasting 30 days or more. (Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. possessions are subject to foreign per diem rates, because they are outside of the continental U.S.) See U.S. Department of State Foreign Per Diem Rates in Related Information for details.

How Per Diem Works

Per diem begins upon arrival at the traveler’s foreign destination and ends upon departure. Per diem rates are available for meals and lodging. When claiming the daily per diem, a traveler need not submit receipts for expenditures. Actual meal and lodging expenses must be claimed for domestic travel lasting fewer than 30 days.

Per Diem for Long-Term Travel

The long-term per diem for both domestic and international travel is based on 100% of the applicable federal per diem allowance and is applied when a person’s original estimated travel is for 30 consecutive days or more, but less than one year in one location. The rate begins on the first day of travel.

If travel that was originally estimated to last for fewer than 30 days is extended to a total of 30 consecutive days or more in one location, the short-term actual reimbursement would be calculated from the first day up to and including the 30th day; the long-term per diem rate would be calculated from the 31st day forward.