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Expense Coverage for Long-Term Travel

Long-term travel is defined as travel lasting 30 days or more.

Per diem is a payment in lieu of reimbursement for subsistence expenses for travelers on University business. (See the related article, Per Diem Expenses, for a definition of per diem and an explanation of how it applies to long-term travel.)

Note the following considerations for per diem payments:

  • The long-term per diem for both domestic and international travel is based on 100% of the applicable federal per diem allowance (which covers meals and lodging) for the location of the stay and is applied when a person's original estimated travel is for 30 consecutive days or more, but less than one year in one location. The rate begins on the first day of travel.
  • If while on short-term (less than 30-day) travel status the traveler is granted an extension to the original estimated travel that would result in a total of 30 or more consecutive days in one location, the short-term actual reimbursement will be calculated from the first day up to and including the 30th day. The long-term per diem rate would be calculated from the 31st day forward.