T & E Card Billing & Payments

Unlike personal Visa cards, the U.S. Bank Travel & Entertainment (T & E) Card is a charge card, not a credit card. This means that the balance is due in full before each next billing.


Billing Cycle

UCLA has chosen an account cycle that closes on the 25th of each month to accommodate the needs of the majority of University employees who are paid monthly on the first of each month. The statement is produced immediately upon closing of the cycle, and you will receive your bill approximately one week later. 

Your bill is payable upon receipt and must be received prior to the 25th of the following month. Because the T & E Card has been extended to you by the University, you are encouraged to pay your bill immediately upon receipt.

Example: An employee incurs business expenses on October 15. Those expenses appear on the employee's card statement dated October 25, which is received by the employee on approximately November 1 or 2. The employee should take the necessary action to ensure that the charges are paid as soon as possible upon receipt of the statement.


Online Statements

As a cardholder, you are provided with access to your account information via the Web. You may access U.S. Bank's Corporate Expenses Online program by visiting US Bank Access Online. You will need to enter "uofca" as the Organization Short Name when logging in to Access Online.


Travel Reimbursements

The T & E Card interfaces with the Express web-based travel expense management system, allowing you to import charges directly into expense reports.

You are encouraged to submit an expense report as soon as possible after completion of the trip. The goal of UCLA is to process your reimbursement claim within five days after receipt of the claim, so that payment for your expenses posts to your U.S. Bank Visa account within one billing cycle.


Responsibility for Paying the Bill

The ultimate responsibility lies with the individual cardholder; three payment options are available. All charges must be paid in full each billing period. You can make a payment by:

  • Attaching the transaction to an expense report and submitting through the Express System.
  • Mailing a check to Corporate Payment Services.
  • Pay-by-Phone using the number on the back of your card.

You can review your payments through Access Online, U.S. Bank's online account management system. Payments appear in this system as soon as they post.

Note: Late fees and penalties are not reimbursable; it is the cardholder’s responsibility to ensure that payments are made on time.


Late Fees and Penalties

In the event that your payment is not received and posted within sixty (60) days from the end of the billing cycle, the cardholder will be billed a late payment fee based on the outstanding balance. This fee equals 2.5 percent of the outstanding balance. 

Late fees or penalties incurred on the T & E Card are not reimbursable, so it is important that you take the steps necessary to ensure that your bill is paid on a timely basis.


Conversion Rates for International Travel

Conversion rates are determined on the day U.S. Bank receives the transaction. U.S. Bank calculates the rate by averaging the government mandated rate and the wholesale market rate. The cardholder will see an exact conversion rate on his or her monthly statement. To receive an approximate conversion rate or U.S. dollar amount on a posted transaction, contact U.S. Bank Customer Service.



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