Complete your Concur Traveler Profile Today

On Monday, October 28, 2019, you will have access to Concur, the UC Travel Center’s new online booking tool.

You will find Concur convenient and easy to use. With a few clicks, you can make simple travel arrangements. We hope that you will be pleasantly surprised with the built-in controls to guide you.

Here are some friendly reminders as we near the Go-Live date of Monday, October 28, 2019:

1. Your access to the UCTC current online booking tool will be disabled on October 28, 2019. We encourage you to access UC Travel Center’s online booking tool prior to October 28th and view and print your upcoming trip under "My Trips" for your records. For inquiry or changes to your upcoming trips made in UCTC online current Booking tool after October 28th, please contact the UC Travel Center at (310) 206-2639 or email us at regarding reservations made in the former online booking tool. 

2. We encourage you to complete your traveler profile as early as today.

For UCLA business travelers

Simply log in directly to the UCLA Concur site and click on Profile and Profile Setting. You must use only this link to update your traveler profile.

  • Personal Information: Enter your contact information, emergency contact, and TSA Secure Flight data. TSA Secure Flight Data is mandatory for air travel in the US. Enter this information into your profile now to avoid any future travel disruptions.
  • Payment Options: Store your credit card and billing address. For security purposes, the billing address must match your credit card statement exactly.
  • Travel Preferences: Specify your flight, hotel and car preferences, including your frequent flyer information and home airport.  
  • Travel Arranging & Approval: Allow colleagues to book travel on your behalf.

For all other campuses business travelers

  • For those of you who are already using Concur in Connexxus, you will find UC Travel Center online booking tool very familiar and pleasantly surprised with the built-in controls. Your traveler profile in Connexxus has been integrated in UCTC's Concur Booking Tool.
  • For those of you who are using UC Travel Center's current online booking, you will find Concur easy to use and convenient. Simply log in to Connexxus today and click on Edit Profile. (TIPS: For easy reference, print your profile that exists in the current UCTC online booking tool before October 28 for easy reference. Designate your travel arranger. She/he can update your traveler profile.)

At the start of the business day on Monday, October 28th, you can begin booking travel using UC Travel Center's new online booking tool, Concur. As in the past, simply log in the Connexus portal. or log in directly to the UCLA Concur site.

3. Watch Concur 5-Minute or less Video Tutorials to learn how to complete/update traveler profile, book a flight, car and hotel. These sessions will help you get off to a great start with Concur and leverage all business travel tools available to you to make your next trip as seamless and productive as possible.

4. Set up Concur Mobile- a simple, secure tool which lets you manage your travel today and expenses in the future from your smartphone. Simply log in to Concur.. Click on Profile, then Profile Settings. Select Concur Mobile Registration under Other Settings. Follow set up instructions.


For Concur Navigation Support during business hours, call (310) 206-2639 or email

If you are experiencing Connexus portal access problems or not able to access UCTC Concur Online Booking Tool via Connexxus when using this link on or after October 28th, please email               

If you are a UCLA active employee and are not able to directly access UC Travel Center Concur Online Booking tool when using this link, please email