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Options for Paying Conference Registration Fees

Travelers must often pay registration fees for conferences, conventions, meetings of professional or learned societies, or community organizations. Receipts and a completed copy of the meeting registration form provided by the conference sponsor are required for all registration fee payments, regardless of the amount. Acceptable registration receipts must clearly document the form of payment used for the expense.

Please be aware of the following considerations when submitting the form for reimbursement:

  • A copy of the registration form is required for any direct payment or reimbursement.
  • Any expenses appearing on the registration form that are not business related must be deducted from the total payment. 
    • Meals included in the registration fee must be deducted from the daily per diem claim (for foreign trips) and meals should not be claimed on domestic trips if included in the registration fee.
    • Training, development, membership and subscription fees are not considered travel expenses and should be submitted through Accounts Payable, unless it is absolutely necessary that they be purchased in conjunction with the registration fee, such as cases in which they provide a cost savings to the University. 

There are three payment options for registration fees:

Have UCLA pay your registration fee directly to the vendor.Mail a copy of the registration form with a BruinBuy order number to the UCLA Travel Accounting office at the address listed below. The BruinBuy order must show the conference as the payee and the conference sponsor's mailing address. Make sure the BruinBuy order number, registrant's name and the registration due date are clearly indicated on the registration form. A check will be sent directly to the conference sponsor.
Pay with your UC Travel & Entertainment Card.Registration fees charged to the Travel & Entertainment card can be reimbursed in advance of the conference if the claim is submitted through Express. The payment will be sent and directly credited to your T & E account.
Pay with your own funds (such as a personal credit card or personal check).Submit a reimbursement claim after the trip has been completed. Registration expenses paid with personal funds cannot be reimbursed in advance of the conference.