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Invoices With Missing or Incomplete Information

Invoices with missing information or discrepancies can be delayed in processing or appear on a department's H and I invoice report. These invoices can take one of the following statuses:

  1. I (incomplete) status invoices are those that cannot be processed due to discrepancies or incomplete information.
  2. H (hold) status invoices are those that have not been marked "Received" by the department.
Paper Vouchers

Invoices that require correction or additional information are placed on I (incomplete) status. Review the hold code reason, then email with the PO number in the subject line after the change is completed. Please note that the Travel Accounting office does not use QUE messages.

For invoices with an XX hold code, follow the steps below to read the notes and resolve:

  1. Login to BruinBuy
  2. Select All Orders or My Orders
  3. Filter or Select the correct Purchase Order Number. Make sure that you are selecting the Purchase Order Number that ends in “00”. (Click on the actual purchase order number, not the circle or radio button in the left column.)
  4. Select Order Invoice Summary link on the far right side
  5. Select Invoice Number
  6. Select Invoice Detail
  7. See Description to read the notes from Travel Accounting
  8. Email with the PO number in the subject line after the change is completed.

Reimbursements processed via paper voucher are placed on H (hold) status when the "Do Receiving?" field on the purchase order is marked "Yes" and the department has not updated the field to indicate that goods have been received. Please note that the "Do Receiving?" field for travel reimbursements should always be marked "No." 

For invoices on H status, perform receiving so payment to the vendor can be processed.


Electronic expense reports (TRs) that are routed to Post-Export Exception activity in Express are reimbursements that hit I (incomplete) status when they were exported to PAC for payment. 

The Travel Accounting Office will contact the proxy preparer and the department reviewer with instructions on resolving the outstanding invoices. 

To find the status of an invoice before you receive notification, print a copy of your H and I invoice report, which lists invoices on H status and I status. H and I invoice reports are available via the Accounts Payable (AP) Inquiry web page and BruinBuy. If you need more information, see the BruinBuy User Guide.