Express - Corrections & Requests for Information

Reviewing a Request

Departmental Approvers and the Travel Accounting Unit have three options in the Express review process. Here are the options and procedures for responding to rejections and requests:

Option 1:
Approve the Expense Report.
Approval is required in order for the document to continue and complete processing (so that payment can be issued).
Option 2:
Reject the Expense Report.
When an expense report is rejected, it does not mean that the reimbursement is denied. The Reject option is used in the following situations:
  • When a document has an error that needs to be corrected. 
  • When Travel Accounting does not receive required documentation via the imaging system. 
  • Documents will also be rejected by Travel Accounting if a Request for More Information has not been responded to within 10 business days.
Option 3:
Request More Information.
If there is a question about an expense report or about a particular line item, the Approver or Travel Accounting can return the document with a question. This option allows a response to be provided but does not allow for any corrections.  Examples include:
  • Additional clarification is needed for entertainment claims.
  • A definition is needed for an acronym in the expense report.

The Return for More Information option allows the document to continue through the process (once the information has been provided) without the delay of rejecting, resubmitting and requiring a second round of authorization from the department Approver and from Travel Accounting.

How to Respond to Rejections and Requests for Information

Rejection of Report/“Corrections Needed.”When a document is rejected by the department Approver or Travel Accounting, an email notification is generated. The email notification indicates “Corrections Needed” and is sent to the Proxy (preparer) and the employee. Follow the instructions given by the department Approver or Travel Accounting in the note. The expense report will have to be corrected and resubmitted or recreated and submitted depending on the instructions provided.
Request for More Information.When a document is returned for more information by the department Approver or Travel Accounting, an email notification is generated and sent to the Proxy (preparer) and the employee. A note within the expense report will contain the question or instructions for the information that is needed or missing. Enter your response in a document note and save the note. Then, click "Submit" link to return the document to the person who requested the information. 

Note:  You must provide a response within the expense report document and click "Submit" in order for the document to be approved and continue with processing.



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