Car Service Program

The G-28 UC Travel policy states: "Transportation expenses shall be reimbursed based on the most economical mode of transportation." 

Therefore, using a car and driver service is only allowed in extenuating circumstances. Detailed justification will be required to show why car and driver service is requested over other modes of transportation such as taxi, shuttle, and others.

  • Justification to show why car service is selected as a mode of transportation rather than others will be required when submitting for reimbursement

How to Reserve for Car & Driver Service

UC Travel Center has negotiated rates and discounts with selected car and driver service providers

Direct Bill Car and Driver Service are available only with the UC Travel Center. You can call us at (310) 206-2639 or email your request to

UC Travel Center works with car and driver service providers but will select the least expensive available service provider that will meet your needs. Based on the number of passengers and baggage, we will reserve a sedan or SUV for you. ADA van shuttles are also available.

Please follow the steps below when making a Car and Driver Service request with UC:

  1. Call UC Travel Center at (310) 206-2639 or email us at
    • Name and cell phone number of persons to be picked up
    • Time and location of pick-up
    • Flight arrival/departure information, if any
  2. UC Travel Agent will contact the car service company and get a quote
  3. Please obtain approval to reserve a car and driver from Sr. Director Scott Monatlik. If approved, proceed to number 4
  4. You create a Purchase Order based on the quote given and VCK number provided
  5. Inform the UCTC Agent of the PO number to initiate the reservation
  6. UCTC agent will email the car service confirmation and reservation details to you
  7. A $15.00 non-refundable service fee will apply for new reservations and changes to an existing reservation. The service fee will be charged via departmental recharge.