New Itinerary Delivery System

UC Travel Center’s itinerary delivery system, Virtually There, has been replaced with TripCase, a new mobile solution for travelers that will hopefully simplify the travel process with many more capabilities. In addition to a new confirmation email where the full itinerary can be viewed directly, a PDF of both the itinerary and the eInvoice will be attached. You will no longer have to go to a website to view or print the travel itinerary.

Also, we encourage travelers to sign up for a TripCase account so that they can view their itineraries using a free app for iPhone or Android devices or via the web for others. Just download the app or go to to create your TripCase account. Be sure to use the same email in your TripCase profile as is stored in your Connexxus profile, although other email addresses can be added to your TripCase account. Besides having the UC Travel Center bookings automatically uploaded into the traveler’s TripCase account, other trip information can be added by emailing additional confirmations to from the email address associated to TripCase

Although trips will not be automatically uploaded into the travel arrangers TripCase account, you can create an account at, log in, click on “Create a New Trip”, name the trip, click on “Create”, select “Link a Booking” and enter the last name and the reservation number that is sent with the original email. This is also true if you need to access reservations that were ticketed prior to June 25th. 

Other benefits of TripCase include free flight notifications, itinerary sharing, weather forecasts, directions, seat maps and flight check-in messages. Visit for more details on these items.

If you have any questions about how to use TripCase, below are a few tutorial videos which may be of assistance. Also our Help Desk can be reached by calling the phone number listed at the bottom of this page and choosing option #1.


TripCase Video Tutorials

Chapter 1: Getting Started with TripCase

Chapter 2: Your TripCase Account and Connected Bookings

Chapter 3: Organizing and Sharing your Trip Info

Chapter 4: Day of Trip



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