Relocation Expenses

It is sometimes appropriate to pay the moving expenses of new employees relocating to Los Angeles in order to attract the highest quality faculty and staff. To accommodate these arrangements, the University of California has developed policies and procedures related to the payment of relocation expenses. 

See the related articles for information on the following relocation and reimbursement topics:

Academic Faculty Eligibility
Identifies academic appointee titles that are eligible for reimbursement and provides related policy references.

Staff Eligibility
Indicates situations in which various levels of staff employees are eligible for relocation reimbursement.

Relocation Expense Definitions
Defines terms used in the discussion of eligibility for relocation reimbursement.

Timely Submission of Relocation
Policy regarding timely submission of relocation.  

Authorization for Moves and Transfers
Provides a table of required approval authorities, terms and procedures by employee type.

Allowable Relocation Expenses
Lists potential situations in which moving expenses would be incurred for employees and indicates rules that apply to each.

Relocation Procedures
Describes all steps required to relocate an employee according to University policy. 

Tax Treatment of Relocation Expenses
Identifies taxable and non-taxable expenses for relocating employees.