Allowable Relocation Expenses

Relocation vs. Recruitment

University departments must not include reimbursement for any recruitment trips as part of the relocation expense. Relocation differs from recruitment as follows:

  • Relocation expenses include all expenses incurred after the offer of the position.
  • Recruitment expenses include any expenses incurred before the acceptance of employment.


Moving Expenses

Refer to appropriate policy for a detailed list of allowable expenses

Senior ManagersManagers, Senior Professionals, ProfessionalsSupport Staff

Transportation of household goods and personal effects from the old to new residence.

Rule: Household effects may include those in storage and those used by the employee at or before the time of the move to the new residence.

 Yes Yes Yes

Transportation expenses to transport the employee and member of the employee’s household from the old to the new residence.

Rule: Members of the household may travel separately.

 Yes Yes Yes

Meals and lodging, en route from the old residence to the new residence.

Rule: The reimbursement of this cost must be made according to University travel regulations; for example, meals are taxable.  See the related article for more information.

 Yes YesYes

Driving or shipping automobile(s) to the new residence.

Rule: Automobiles can include vans, minivans, passenger trucks, and others that are used as the employee’s or spouse’s primary daily mode of transportation.

If the automobile(s) is to be used to transport the employee and the employee’s household members, household goods, or personal effects, the employee will be reimbursed for transportation costs for parking and tolls fees plus 18 cents per mile.

This is the only mileage rate associated with moving expenses. The mileage rate allowed for University business travel is not applicable for this purpose.

 Yes Yes Yes

Storing and insuring the employee’s household goods and personal effects while in transit.

Rule: Allowable if storage and insurance fees are incurred within any consecutive 30-day period after removing the household goods and effects from the old residence to the new residence.

 Yes Yes Yes

Connecting and disconnecting utilities.

Rule: Not to include refundable deposits.

 Yes No No
Transportation of domestic pets from the old residence to the new residence. Yes Yes Yes
Foreign employee’s passport expenses incurred with the commencement of work in the United States. Yes No No

Pre-move house hunting trips, temporary living expenses.

Rule: Can be reimbursed following University approval of employment. At the discretion of UCLA, reimbursement of such expenses may be made for other members of the employee’s family.

 Yes No No