Academic Eligibility for Relocation & Recruitment

Relocation expenses are provided for certain new appointees to academic positions. These expenses are not provided automatically, nor do they constitute a perquisite of University employment. The Chancellor’s Office reimburses the first 50% of allowable expenses; the Dean’s advance approval is required.

Academic appointees with any of the following title series and titles are eligible for consideration:

  • Regular Professional Series
  • Professor in Residence Series
  • Acting Series, if appointed to regular series within one year of initial appointment
  • Visiting Series, if immediately appointed to regular series
  • Professional Research Series, if the cost is allowable under the contract or grant

The following Academic Personnel Policy Manual (APM) apply to reimbursement of moves and transfers for faculty employees:

  • APM 550 covers teaching faculty who transfer to another campus
  • APM 560 covers new appointees to academic positions