Pre-Trip Authorization FAQs

No. If corrections are required for a submitted PTA, then you must create a new PTA. You can delete a PTA after 90 days if there are no bookings done against it.

Your estimated amount will still be accepted. Airfare is subject to change until the ticket is issued.

Please check with your Fund Manager or UCLA General Accounting to verify the FAU string chart. If your Fund Manager confirms the FAU is indeed correct and active, then please contact the UC Travel Center at to have the FAU verified with the IT Help Desk.

If the traveler is not a current employee, select non-employee.

The traveler cannot be the mandatory reviewer for his or her own trip. Please contact your department DSA to assign another mandatory reviewer.

You will not be able to access a PTA created by someone else. Please ask your mandatory reviewer if they have a copy, or email with the details of the trip. (Passenger name, dates of travel and confirmation number.)

When you log on to the Pre-Trip Authorization site, you will see your trip requests. It should be listed under “Created and Not Submitted”.