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Travel Policy Changes

Travel Related Policy Changes Effective Oct. 15, 2017

The UC Office of the President recently announced new policy changes, which include the two travel related changes listed below. These changes will take effect October 15, 2017.

  • Meals and Incidentals Expenses (M&IE) – NEW LIMIT of $62
    • Prior to this change, UC Travel policy G-28 capped M&IE at $74/day for travel assignments of less than 30 days within the continental United States.
    • Change to Policy: Effective for travel occurring on or after October 15, 2017, the new M&IE cap will be $62/day. Please note that, as with the previous policy, this amount is the maximum allowed. Reimbursement is limited to actual amounts expended if under $62/day. Travelers should be required to submit meal receipts if it appears that they are treating the cap as a per diem by routinely claiming the full M&IE amount.
  • Continental US (CONUS) Lodging Expenses – NEW CAP of $275 nightly rate
    • Prior to this change, UC policy stated that lodging expenses must be reasonable for the location of travel. UC policy recommended that if lodging expenses exceed 200% of the federal per diem for the locality of travel, the traveler submit additional documentation supporting the higher lodging rate incurred.
    • Change to Policy: Effective for travel occurring on or after October 15, 2017, daily hotel rates will be capped at $275 per night for trips within the lower 48 states, before taxes and other hotel fees. If the traveler is unable to secure lodging at $275 per night or less, the traveler must submit additional documentation such as price comparisons within the proximity of the meeting location that supports the higher lodging rate incurred. The price comparisons should be performed at the time of booking.
    • A traveler who is required to attend a conference where the prearranged conference lodging rate exceeds the $275 per night cap may stay at the conference hotel without exceptional approval.

Travelers who currently have lodging reservations that exceed $275 for travel on or after October 15, 2017, are encouraged to change their reservations to meet the new limits if changes can be made without penalties. However, if changes cannot be made to existing hotel reservations, we will apply the policy in effect prior to October 15, 2017.